We help you solve problems and make better decisions for your business through data analysis, dashboards and visualizations; together we can challenge the challenges of the digital world and transform your data into business assets.

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We are the #1 Data Analytics Studio in Mexico. We create solutions tailored to the challenges of your organization so that you unleash the potential of your data and use it to your advantage


Solutions - productos and services


Take control of your business using tools that allow you to monitor your business information in real time. Make decisions based on hard data, supported by easy-to-read dashboards. Discover valuable insights within your information and empower your entire company with them.


Show your audience complex data sets in an engaging and easy-to-digest way. Data visualization is the intersection between the science and art of displaying information, which makes it much easier to identify key insights.

Advanced Analytics

Centralize and analyze your organization's data to identify business opportunities and solve problems. Let the data speak for itself and show you how your market is performing.

Data architecture consulting

Your company generates large volumes of data and processing them is a challenge that we help you solve. Join the industry's best practices for storing and structuring information, allowing you to have greater scalability and collaboration in data warehouses.


Transform your Human Resources area into a data driven one. Design your strategy using technological resources where you contemplate the needs of your company and your employees. Reduce turnover, hire intelligently and promote valuable assets within your organization.

Data Lake

All your data in one place. Create a repository to store, manage, index and dispose of all the structured or unstructured data you generate, in a simple and automatic way; with the capacity to digest high volumes of information.

Energy Map

Through an executive dashboard, it monitors in real time the price of electricity, natural gas and other factors that may alter these indicators, such as the exchange rate, CPI, etc.


Data Visualization

At x-data we are experts in data visualization. Data is everywhere and can be represented in a very attractive way that is easy to understand and analyze depending on the target audience.

We show you some visualization projects that we have carried out with our allies:.


We designed a visualization based on data from the National Seismological Service on earthquakes of magnitude greater than 6° that took place between 1980 and 2021 in Mexico, this to refute the idea that September is the month in which the country tremors the most.

Contrapedal / X-DATA

We made a platform with D3 visualizations to demonstrate that data analysis and visualization can boost cycling mobility. We created a unique consultation space where all the information necessary to ride safely in CDMX is found.

Government Contracts / Milenio

In collaboration with Milenio Televisión, we carry out visualizations about the expenses of the Mexican government during fiscal year 2020. In this way, we identify which contracts, companies, dependencies and institutions represent the most expenses at the national level.


We analyze and visualize the number of investigation files generated by crimes prosecuted by the Mexican justice system during 2020, classified as abortion and femicide


In alliance with Cultura Colectiva we created this visualization based on the journalistic investigation of Gerardo Sánchez Guadarrama about State LGBTIphobia and violence against the diverse community.


X-DATA Emotions is our new collection of NFT's based on dataviz that integrates science and data with digital art. A total of 6 NFT's, where thanks to brain mapping, we can visualize how the human brain reacts when feeling different emotions, such as: happiness, fear, surprise, anger, disgust and sadness.


Dataviz project with artistic focus about mexican gastronomy, where we explore their origin through visualizations about the most representative dishes, desserts and beverages.


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